Tulsa Guardianship Attorney

A guardian is determined in a Will or assigned by the court to have full power and control over the health, safety, property and finances of an individual. Guardianship proceedings typically involve children under the age of 18 with an individual other than their parents and elderly parents or other adults who are deemed incompetent or unable to manage their own affairs.

Guardianship can involve complex legal issues. If you are named the legal guardian of a family member or wish to establish a legal guardianship, Ms. Schmook can assist you in all related matters. Guardianships typically include:

  • Hearings to determine competence or fitness of biological parents of a child
  • Setting up a trust for a special needs adult family member
  • Establishing trusts or guardianship for a minor who is the beneficiary of a settlement
  • Annual accounting and reporting of expenses
  • Discharging the guardian at the end of the guardianship, typically due to death, age of maturity, or transfer of guardianship

If you have any questions about Tulsa guardianship proceedings, please contact Ms. Schmook for a free consultation.