Tulsa Probate Attorney

Probate is the process of the court transferring the assets from the name of the decedent to the name of that decedent's beneficiaries pursuant to the will (if there is a will), or to the names of the decedent's heirs at law in the event there is no will. The person responsible for the probate process is referred to as an executor, administrator, or personal representative.

Ms. Schmook represents clients in Tulsa Probate proceedings who have been named executors of a deceased person's estate. She also represents beneficiaries who are upset with the way an executor is distributing the estate and want to be sure their interests are protected. Probate services can include:

  • Taking inventory of the assets, creditor claims, paying applicable taxes, and distributing the remaining assets to beneficiaries
  • Monitoring the probate process for the benefit of heirs and, if necessary, navigating will contests

Ms. Schmook also defends executors in will contests.

Probate in Oklahoma can be expensive and more so if contested. The probate process usually takes several months to a year. If any party contests the will, probate can take much longer.

Probate is a public process that allows the public to see what assets a decedent had, and what each beneficiary received. One way to avoid the public access to this information is to establish a trust in place of a will.

If you have any questions about Tulsa Probate proceedings, please contact Ms. Schmook for a free consultation.